There is a long tradition of FOSS enthusiasts to blather on the software and tech they use. I don't know if it matters to most, I doubt it does, actually. But, why let that stop me?


I have a self assembled desktop AMD Ryzen system which is my main work horse. I've recently equipped it with a new AMD Radeon RX GPU, and thus it can serve double duty for games.

I find myself not using a laptop much anymore, but do employ a NextDock with my phone for lightweight computing sometimes.


In terms of operating systems, I tend to prefer Linux, though I often check in on FreeBSD and Haiku. I was a very committed BeOS user once, and have great nostalgia for it.

In terms of desktop environments, I use KDE Plasma. I typically try and stick to operating systems with long and stable release cycles. Though find myself on KDE Neon as of late. I find its long term stable base with rolling releases of KDE's software is a nice sweet spot.

Vivaldi has become my browser of choice in recent years. While chromium based and not FLOSS it is employee owned and takes user privacy quite seriously.

I was once a very committed free software absolutist. I am no longer. I prefer free and open source software, and any code I write will be under a libre license; but I no longer punish myself by abstaining from proprietary software.


Linux is my preferred platform for gaming, I have a Steam Deck which compliments my desktop computer for this. I do not dual boot for PC gaming. I have been a big advocate for gaming on linux with Wine for quite a number of years, and now quite enjoy the fact that Valve has made this mainstream with Proton.

For anything else, I have a Nintendo Switch.


I use a Samsung phone, with as many google products and services disabled. I have on and off for years used “DeGoogled” android phones. Unfortunately, I find that Google themselves are making this increasingly more difficult to do over time.


I use Disroot for email and make liberal use of it's Nextcloud instance for document sharing and cloud storage.

Meet.Coop is my preferred video chat solution at the moment. It is powered by Big Blue Button which is FLOSS.

Telegram is my messaging platform of choice at the moment. There are a few better alternatives, but the network strength of my contacts keeps me a bit bound to it these days; but it remains client agnostic and maintains a floss client, which are several points in its favor.

Mastodon is my current preferred social media.

I currently use Nebula as a youtube alternative.

I self-host this blog and a FreshRSS instance to keep up with news.